Monday, April 19, 2010


This is my dog with Douglas on the day we brought him home.
His name is Zeus. He is an English Mastiff. He was such a cute puppy.
but puppies grow... 
and grow...
and keep growing.
this is Zeus now.
He is taller than some calves. His tail will hurt you and has the ability to knock everything off the coffee table. When I tell people he's still just a puppy they laugh and think I don't know what I'm talking about. He'll be a year old in June and I have the papers to prove it. yes he can get stuck in Douglas' fort.
and is always in the way when I'm making dinner or trying to put dishes away.
but he's almost as tall as Mathew
and is Douglas' buddy.
we love him.

Friday, April 16, 2010

i lOve cOfFee, i lOve caKe

I'm planning a brunch shower for my friend Maria. She is having a little girl sometime in June. Hopefully she won't be as stubborn as Isabella and make her wait a million years. Anyway I'm very excited about it being a brunch! I had planned it to be a brunch and then Sasha (my cousin in law) planned a small family shower for me that was a brunch! She did a great job and introduced me to some sparkling grape juice that Isabella can't seem to get enough of. I also got some good food ideas. I think I'll stick with just the basic though, for drinks I'll serve punch, OJ, coffee, maybe milk. I don't want too many sweets but to have a good variety of food. I went to Starbucks on "free pastry day". (I think it's my favorite day of the year.) I got their coffee crumb cake and fell in love! I had to find a recipe but a quick and easy recipe, I'd figure by the time the shower rolls around I'd have a 1 month old, right now it's looking like she might be a little over 2 weeks old so I know I don't want to make something super complicated. Thursday me and Douglas went grocery shopping to stock up for when Isabella decides to show and also to get plates, tablecloths, and other things I need for the shower. I know it's 3 weeks away but I also know I won't feel like going to a million different places in 2 weeks with a little baby and a 2 year old. I love shopping for decorations and seeing what I can come up with. Maria is doing Olivia's room in ladybugs so I'm going all out on that theme. you'll see what I mean when I post pics of the shower. shopping was a blast but exhausting, so that evening I tried out the recipe and gave myself a little treat to end the day! I It is so good and will definitely be making an appearance at the shower!  The cake is very easy and delicious! this recipe makes a 13x9inch cake. if you want to try it here's the recipe! it's on one of my favorite food sites Hope you enjoy! I sure am!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I haven't written in a couple of days because (drum roll please!) I got some sleep! good sleep. Now I feel exhausted, kinda like I got too much sleep. HA HA guess its better than not getting enough. 

Also, Monday at around 11:50am I got a contraction that lasted about a minute. Then an hour later I got another one, then so on for 6 hours! every hour lasting about a minute. At 7 I felt one and it was a little stronger than the previous ones but only lasted about 20-30 seconds. Then the same thing at around 8, then 9, 10, and 11!!! I took a quick shower (no hair washing) to relax before i tried to sleep I figured one night of good sleep would probably be all i was allowed to enjoy. I went to bed a little after 12 & actually fell asleep. Mathew had just gotten home so he stayed up watching a little tv. He hates coming home, eating, showering and going to bed, just to do it again the next day. I would too. I woke up around 2 to pee but didn't feel any contractions. Then woke up around 4:30, the same. Then didn't wake up til 8!!! =) talk about bliss! then I just laid in bed for another hour or so. Guess what?! No contractions. if this is any indication of what having a girl will be like, which I've been terrified of anyway, I will be (hope I don't offend you)... pretty much screwed. So far, having a girl is a pain. i never thought I'd be this pregnant! some one please help me! Docs appointment is tomorrow at 10am so I'll keep you posted! have a good day!

Oh! me & D picked some flowers today! they smell wonderful!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Price of Corn

it's one of my 2 least favorite times of the year. Corn planting time. (the other is harvest time)

  • getting fresh picked flowers
  • maybe riding in a tractor or something with daddy
  • having the bed to myself

  • having the bed to myself
  • Douglas not seeing his dad sometimes for days at a time
  • Mathew working a minimum of 13-14 hours a day
  • eating dinner without daddy, it just doesn't seem right
  • expecting a baby in the middle of corn planting
  • Douglas asking "where's daddy at" over & over while I'm making us dinner

Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for everything we have and the life we have. I AM SOOO BLESSED! this is just part of it but I'm looking forward to having a big family & doing all of it together. I know for our kids it's all worth it!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

If We Never Meet Again

Well guess what!?! I did not have a good night's sleep. I couldn't fall asleep. It was around 1am when I finally started to dose off and that's when Douglas says "mommy! I need water!". Naturally "Super Mom" to the rescue. He goes right back to sleep and I toss and turn until around 2am. At 4:20am God decides he needs a laugh and wakes me up to go pee. It hurts. Like I've  been holding it for days. I roll my huge belly over and throw one leg off the bed. Then I use my half dead arms to lift myself out of bed (half dead because I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome due to the pregnancy click here if you're curious. Just know that it is something caused by a physical trauma like an accident... or pregnancy). I'm sure God was cracking up, I would have been if it wasn't happening to me. I can barely open my eyes, I'm actually really tired and sleepy. When I get back to bed I change positions about 73 times, I contemplate suicide at least twice, I beg God to make my water break NOW, I exchange the quilt I was covering up with for a down comforter, almost trip over the box our new fan came in, get rid of the body pillow, and almost break out into tears. Around 6am I get up and go find some chips. When I go back to bed around 7 Mathew says "what are you doing up?"... oh... just trying to figure out how I should commit suicide. I get another hour or so of sleep so that was nice. 3 hours of sleep. Now I have to be a good mom, get up and smile for Douglas.

What to do to stay awake... we go to the gas station and pick up a Mountain Dew and a Tootsie Pop... then I decide we're going to sing. If you know Douglas you know he loves music. Any kind of music (kinda like his mom). I bust out a song book. We just go through the song book and sing the songs I know.  If I pause Douglas says "sing mommy, sing!". I sing (I'm not any good) while he plays the Swiffer Duster guitar, that magically turned into a flute and then a microphone. His favorite 2 songs were "Joy Unspeakable" and "Standing on the Promises".

Then I found this song, Selah does a version of this song mixed with "In My Life" by The Beatles. (listen to it)  I love it. When I die I want this song to be played for my husband (if he outlives me) and my children. 

If We Never Meet Again
verse 1: soon we'll come to the end of life's journey * And perhaps we'll never meet anymore, * till we gather in heaven's bright city * Far away on that beautiful shore. *
verse 2: O so often we're parted with sorrow, * Benedictions often quicken our pain, * But we never shall sorrow in heaven, * God be with you till we meet again. *
verse 3: O they say we shall meet by the river, * where no storm clouds ever darken the sky, * And they say we'll be happy in heaven * In the wonderful sweet by and by. *
chorus: If we never meet again this side of heaven * as we struggle thru this world and its strife, * there's another meeting place somewhere in heaven * By the beautiful river of life * Where the charming roses bloom forever * and seperations come never more * if we never meet again this side of heaven * I will meet you on that beautiful shore. *

*tear* Douglas didn't like this song as much

now excuse me, I'm going to go make some chocolate chocolate chip muffins to have for breakfast for the next couple of days. Aldi has the best muffin mixes. I'd normally rather make them from scratch but these are pretty amazing and so is their blue berry muffin mix! yum!

My Joy

What should my first post be about?! How much I'm tired of being pregnant? About how much I like my obgyn? Maybe about how tonight Douglas thought making bubbles with his farts in the bath tub was so funny until one of them was loaded and we had to get him out of the tub immediately without anyone (me) throwing up!?! How about the things that:
make me smile
make me laugh
The things that make me say mmmm... 

make me see how much God has blessed me
I can't decide; but for now, all I need is some GOOD sleep and for Isabella to quit being stubborn and come out already! Dr. Englund said everything looks great, she's just taking her time. GIRLS! what am I going to do with a girl?! I guess more on that later but for now. Goodnight (I hope).