Monday, May 17, 2010

Mr. Wonderful

Yesterday was May 16th. Exactly a quarter century ago, May 16th 1985 was a great day. I wasn't around yet but that day Mathew was born. That day was the day God brought the man I would want to spend forever with into the world. The man I would want to see every morning, day, and night. The man I would want to have lay next to me every night. He makes me smile, takes a load off my shoulders, and just plain makes me happy.

He is the father of my children.

I will take his hand and go with him anywhere. Because I know he adores me, he cherishes me, and will always take care of me.
Yesterday was May 16th. Yesterday was a great day!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend Part 2 (incl Monday): What Will I Wear?!

warning: this is a long one

Mother's Day early morning (hours bt 4-9am) was not that great for me. I was very, very tired Saturday night after the shower and everything so feeding Isabella at 5am wasn't really a thrill. Then she couldn't go back to sleep like she's supposed to, she kinda cried and was just awake and whiny for over 1/2 an hour after she ate. FINALLY at around 6:30am she pooped and felt so much better! but it was lots of poop so cleaning it up didn't do much for my mood. here I am cleaning a load to big for this diaper to hold while there lying in bed is the man I usually adore but kind of loathed at that second. Poor guy, he wasn't doing anything but sleeping. Oh how I envied his ability to sleep. at around 7:30 i finally started to dose off but knew I needed to stay awake so I could get ready for church. It would be the first time since Isabella was born that I would be able to go. Also Mathew's brother and sister-in-law were out of town so we at least wanted to be there with his mom. at around 9am I really didn't care the reason I wanted to go to church. I wasn't going. I wasn't going to church or the family get together. I didn't want to see anyone. Then Mathew says "Happy Mother's Day!" and brings D into bed with us. I coulda shot someone then. after a little bit of sulking I decided I needed to go to church, for my mother-in-law, for my poor tip toeing husband, for my kids, and for myself, I was going to make myself enjoy this day no matter what! Usually every year at church we have a "Mother of the Year" prize. This year our pastor decided to do something different. He honored 4 moms, the youngest mom, the oldest mom, the mom with the most children present (there were 4 with 6 kids so the one with the oldest of those), and the mom with the youngest child. guess who was the mom with the youngest child!! ME of course! We all got a very sweet letter from him & $100! Then the sermon was very good, about moms & for moms. one of my favorite lines was "the saying is true 'If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy' and 'if daddy ain't happy, nobody cares'".

Monday was my post baby check up, Mathew took the kids to his mom's that morning because I woke up with a really bad headache. We took a good nap then I woke up, showered and got dressed for my check up. first thing they did after was get my weight. I weigh 113lbs!! that's pre-Douglas weight... I need new clothes! =) I told Mathew about that and he had mentioned before that if I felt like it maybe we could drive to Springfield and go to one of my favorite stores, 

Marshalls! I would usually say no because i find so many things I like then try them on and nothing fits right. Driving that far for nothing would make me sad. But I had $100 and no baby bump (kinda). We went ahead and went. I found so many things I liked, but I didn't look at everything and I didn't grab things over a certain price. If you know me at all you know I wear dresses and skirts all year. I feel more modest in them. I haven't worn a pair of jeans in forever. actually I wore one under a dress to work in the garden about a year ago. My husband suggested i pick a new pair up. I've been wanting to because when me & D go for walks or work in the yard jeans would be nice. also my husband said he thought jeans would look nice... enough said. I found 2 pair that I like, each was a $90 pair that I picked up for under $30 each! they are at a friend's house now getting hemmed because if you don't know I am 4'8! this is my favorite time for shopping because i can find dresses very easily. I found these dresses that I absolutely adore!

love the color combination of this one! and it's got pockets! again if you know me you know I'm in love with pockets! I wish all dresses had them.
I also got this pretty dress to this pretty prize!
I love the draping and how the tops look like bows but aren't!

All of these were under $20 each... these things make me happy, they make me smile. 

Thanks to Crossroads Baptist Church, thanks to my Mr. Wonderful, and thanks to Marshalls.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend Part 1: Ladybug

let me first start off by saying: THIS is Isabella Loraine

This past weekend was my first semi-normal weekend since Isabella was born. She is now 3 weeks old and things are starting to fall into place and we're getting into gear, all of us including Douglas who absolutely adores her. I figured there would be at least a little jealousy but there's virtually none! like I've said before, God is amazing!! Needless to say I had a busy, but very good & fun weekend. I know it's Thursday again already but cut me some slack I'm running on little sleep and trying to get back to real life!

Saturday was Maria's and soon to come Olivia Rae's baby shower! I've been looking forward to this for a long time. (about 2 and a half months, when you're big as a whale that's a long time). Maria and I had decided a morning time shower would suit her best and I decided to make it a brunch because I can. =) then I found out she was doing a ladybug theme for Olivia... wheels started turning. This is the result!

Michelle Baugh took some of these pictures! 

she does such a good job! hope she doesn't mind me using them here!

Of course we had a great time, but because I ended up having to have a C section with Isabella I coudn't do it all by myself. It was a team effort. 

Tiffany brought cookies, scones, some fruit and hosted it, did the games and everything for me, since I can't be on my feet too long, 

Katlyn and & Elizabeth (this is Elizabeth with D) came over for a couple of days before the shower and helped, no they did it all by themselves, cleaned my house and did my laundry, helped make the crumb cake, muffins, and cupcakes.

and my wonderful mother-in-law made a couple of really good casseroles which i will make and post the recipe sometime soon!

It turned out great... I owe you guys BIG!

I also chose to mainly use the ladybug theme in my gift!

This was the first time I got super creative on one of these quilts and I'm pretty satisfied with the result, although don't ask me to sew a circle... let's call the spots on the lady bugs "abstract"

I also made her this little dress from some leftover fabric I had.