Wednesday, June 30, 2010

oh, Edward (sigh).

Today is the big day!!! ECLIPSE! I did not get a ticket to watch it at midnight or anytime this week actually. Mathew doesn't do crowds so we're going to wait a little bit before we go see it. I would have loved to watch it at midnight, with all the other crazy girls and women who love Bella, Jacob, & most of all Edward like I do, though some a little more (way too much more) than I do. my lack of girlfriends left me out of that loop though.
I've never been into scifi stuff. Mathew was the one who was into The Twilight Saga, he likes the whole vampires and werewolves thing. I personally think it's a guy thing to be into scifi stuff. I'm not, or I wasn't. I wanted to  interested in the Twilight movies so that it could be something Mathew & I liked together. (I can't play call of duty or halo. Seriously, I physically cannot. I guess i lack that kind of coordination. And fishing, no thanks. The first time we went fishing together, I almost hooked him in the eye. We were already married and on our honeymoon so he couldn't get rid of me once he made that discovery.) Because I wanted take part in his interest in Twilight , but the movies just didn't do it for me, I borrowed Twilight from a friend's kid (yup, I'm pathetic). I loved it! I fell in love with the characters and read it in less than a week. I rewatched the movie & wanted to watch it again and again. Then I borrowed New Moon and couldn't wait for the DVD to come out. Needles to say I bought the boxed set, read all four books in less than a month, these aren't short books by the way, and I'm more into them than Mathew ever was. Now I'm ready to go watch Eclipse. I also read the little bit Stephanie Meyer wrote of Midnight Sun, got The Bree Tanner book when it came out last week...  I re-read Twilight a couple of weeks ago and i think it was better the second time. I also read the partial draft of Midnight Sun again and am now half way through New Moon. I want to read the first 3 before we go watch Eclipse. I think I can pull it off. and most of you probably don't care or know what I'm talking about and are probably getting ready to close this window if you haven't yet.... ok I wont bore you too much longer. so basically The Twilight Saga is a great story, a great love story (even with the vampires). Stephenie Meyer (the author) is Mormon and a lot of her views are reflected in her writing. For example Bella & Edward wait until marriage to sleep together, Edward is very old fashioned. Actually, don't get me started on Edward Cullen. He is wonderful but gave me unrealistic expectations of men, well Mathew. lol of course I realize he is not real. He was made up by a stay at home mom (like me), who hardly had any time to her self (like me) but felt like writing gave her a bit of herself back (like me). I thank her for sharing this story with the world. It is one of the best loves stories I've ever read. Bella is character who I and a lot of girls can really relate to. I think Kristen Stewart was the perfect girl to play Bella. She does a great job & seems so down to earth. I recommend these books even if you're not into the vampire thing. To me that it just a small part of the story of the devotion, trust, and complete love that Bella & Edward have with eachother. here are a few quotes from Edward
(all from Midnight Sun found online for free at

This is the kind of man only a woman would dream up. 

~"I knew that the girl- I should stop thinking of her that way, as if she were the only girl in the world- that bella would be watching us"

~"I'd spent seven decades trying to be something other than that-anything other than a killer. Those years of effort could never make me worthy of the girl sitting beside me."

and my absolute favorite-
~"her existence alone was enough excuse to justify the creation of the entire world"

Robert Pattinson does a great job playing him. I am now in love with him too. I think mostly because he plays Edward but if anything ever happens to Mathew I know that I will hunt Robert Pattinson down and make him marry me. If you haven't seen Remember Me... do it! it's so good & totally surprising. It's not your average chick flick. Both Mathew & my brother Billy liked it. and as a bonus, he's beautiful.


ps. I did not name my daughter Isabella after Bella Swan in these books. I've had this name picked out since before we got married, which was actually the year Twilight came out.

Monday, June 28, 2010

"busy, busy, busy"

I've been busy.
on June 13th (a Sunday) my brother came to stay with us for the 2nd weekend in a row.
I love my brother.
He left on Thursday June 17th because he had to work.
Friday, June 18th (The day Toy Story 3 came out) I got a phone call from my mother in law, her words were: "Mathew hurt his back really, really bad we need you to bring the Tahoe". I'm told it's not in me to panic so I just say, "ok I'll be right there" and head that way.
He reinjured a disk in his back that he hurt last year.
but more about that later.
right now i want to talk about me.
maybe even whine a little bit.
notice the day of the day Billy was here, June 13th.
Mathew has been living on the couch since June 18th.
Billy came back to spend time with him so he wouldn't get bored out of his mind Sunday June 20 through Wednesday June 23rd.
He came back again yesterday, Sunday June 27th.
He'll be here til Thursday July 1st!!!
Mathew is still hurt.
I haven't had the house to myself (with just the kids) in 15 days.
Things aren't looking up for me.
I don't know if I'll survive.
I did get to go to Arkansas to visit my family & Plato's Closet (with Billy) this last Saturday.
But I can't seem to keep up with the housework.
I live in my kitchen.
So, at fore mentioned Plato's Closet I bought myself this magnet for my fridge.
I deserved it.
it makes me smile.
I love it.

please take it seriously.
I'm begging.
although there is no point.
someone wants to eat something every second of every day.
Today alone I cooked a dozen eggs.
a few slices of bacon. I don't cook bacon so it was the microwave kind (maybe one day I'll tell you the story of why I don't cook bacon. It involves pig nipples and almost getting knocked down with a pig belly)
4 pieces of toast.
I cut up a very large (and very sweet and perfect) watermelon into small squares
I made a lasagna (I'll do a tutorial on it because it's amazing as well)
an apple pie (I'll do a tutorial on it too because it's perfect)
I put together 1 peanut butter & Jelly sandwhich
I served 4 plates of HOT apple pie al a mode
prepared 6 bottles
I think that's it
my poor kitchen
call for help....

ps i think we might finally go watch Toy Story 3 tomorrow. We'll see... maybe

Friday, June 18, 2010



those things have been there for a while (don't judge) and i've actually been using them out of the boxes there.yes, I'm that lazy i guess. At first it was because I couldn't lift them, now it's just cause i'm always carrying laundry or kids.

above where those boxes are in the corner I have a small hanging ivy plant. I water my plants 2 or 3 times a week. Today I forgot and decided to do it after I had washed bottles before i went to bed so that i could leave them in the kitchen sink all night and put them back in the morning. I decided that I was tall enough to just kind of stand on my toes and reach for it. I'm not tall enough to do hardly anything. There are probably even some rides I can't ride at theme parks. So this was pretty much a bad idea. Here's the result:

out of this little bitty plant came all of this.

It's even on the wall. I didn't cry. I first went into shock, then laughed, said "seriously?!" and grabbed my camera. I thought, this would make a good story and maybe make someone who had a not so good day, feel not so bad. 

in the words of Daniel Powter:
*You had a bad day* You're taking one down* You sing a sad song just to turn it around* You say you don't know* You tell me don't lie* You work at a smile and you go for a ride* You had a bad day* The camera don't lie* You're coming back down and you really don't mind* You had a bad day* You had a bad day* (you can listen to "bad day" here)

Hope you have a good Friday. Hope I have a good Friday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toy Story

In our house Toy Story or Toy Story 2 is on pretty much all day. Even if it's just for the background noise. My brother had been staying with us and he said on his Facebook status that he's sick of it. I caught him eating lunch watching the movie on the little travel dvd player on the floor(Douglas calls it his little tv), even though Douglas was eating at the table but had left it on. I said, "I thought you were sick of Toy Story". His response, "yeah but it's still cool!". Mathew had never watched Toy Story 2 but finally did a couple of weeks ago. He was really into it and if Douglas is watching it on "the big tv" he'll sit there watching it with him and tune everything else out like if he was watching one of his movies or playing one of his video games. Of course Douglas is learning a lot of the lines. The first he learned was, "Reach for the sky!". Then the other day he was watching Toy Story 2 and when the barbies came on he looks at me & says, "are those ladies mommy?!". I wasn't sure why he said it, then Ham says, "Hey ladies! do you know where we can find the Al of Al's toy Barn?". LOL But the funniest line he's used was when I was helping him get his pants off to use the potty a couples of days ago and I'm kneeling down in front of him in the bathroom when he pats my head and says, "Hey little missy!" I about peed myself. We have our free tickets that came with the movies when I bought them  printed and ready for Toy Story 3. It's going to be the first movie Douglas gets to watch at the movie theater. I can already hear him saying, "oh wow!" like he does. I can't wait!

Today I went to Walmart in Joplin. WOW! they have 2 isles of just Toy Story stuff! They call it their "Toy Story Shop"!

The best game in the world!

This is a "CD player/boom box". Perfect for listening & dancing to The Wiggles

Douglas Would love all of these things & I would love for him to have them. If only money grew on trees...
He did get a glow in the dark Buzz flashlight today though. only because they didn't have this one in the store.

But I'm sure he'll acquire some other things though because sometimes, I just can't help myself. You want to know the funny thing about all this excitement I felt when I saw all this stuff? He wasn't even with me at the time. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

with Douglas next to me.....

I don't get to do a lot of things by myself. Well, besides dishes, cooking, & cleaning. I always have Douglas next to me, Mathew talking to me (if he's home) & recently added, Isabella on my hip. I go out maybe once a week to grocery shop, then the occasional hair appointment and play date. I do those things with the kids. The few things I do do "on my own" (with Douglas next to me, Mathew talking to me, & Isabella on my hip) include this blog, it is my getaway, I just get to ramble about whatever I feel like. I also LOVE sewing. I'm not patient so when I pick a sewing project it's gotta be a quick one that I can pause in the middle of, you know, in case i have to change a dirty diaper, clean gum out from the carpet, administer first aid, or if, God forbid, someone needs to eat something. I also enjoy crafts, I can spend hours making invitations or decorations for a shower/party, or homemade gifts. Then, reading. I love reading, but it's gotta be a good book. But my all time favorite thing to do is to decorate cakes and cupcakes! I could do it all day long, actually i have before. I haven't decorated a cake in so long. I can't remember how long. I did decorate the cupcakes for Maria's baby shower but they weren't that intricate. I really enjoyed doing it though & wished I had more to do. Tuesday I think it was Nancy called me & asked me to make a cake for her daughter's birthday on Friday!!! I'm so excited! You probably won't hear from me tomorrow because I'll be busy doing that (with Douglas next to me, Mathew talking to me, & Isabella on my hip). On Saturday we have a bbq we're going to & I am taking some chips & queso dip but also some mini cupcakes! I'm not sure what designs and how I'll decorate everything yet exactly but that's part of the fun! If you want to see some of the cakes I've decorated in the past you can click here or on "my cupcake" at the top of the page.

I looked some cakes up online for inspiration and these are some of my favorites! I could never be this good but maybe one day I will get close.

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the only thing i like about warm weather::

{from chrystalshop}
{by lirola}
{this dress was made by elizabeth, she's very talented and has a great blog too}
she posted a picture of this dress the other day and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since then. It's absolutely beautiful.

if you'd like to buy me one of these dresses i wouldn't stop you. donations are appreciated.

Monday, June 7, 2010

infant potty training

This week me & Douglas are going to start potty training Isabella. Yes she is not even 2 months old but she is holding her head up very well, even scooting a little bit when I lay her on her belly, and I can usually tell when she is going poop.

If you don't know about infant potty training, you should. Have you ever wondered what people in other parts of the world do with their babies? The ones with babies strapped to their backs, I mean they don't just let them poop on them do they? I didn't learn about infant potty training until Douglas was around 9 months old. I wish I would have known about it sooner. My main source was "To Train Up A Child" by Michael & Debi Pearl. They also have a website,, where I also did some research. Now I don't agree with all of their teachings or everything they believe but when I hear something like this or like what "On Becoming Baby Wise" teaches I can't help but wonder why I hadn't thought of it myself. Why this kind of thing isn't common knowledge. It just makes sense. I think, "Duh!" With the help of Baby Wise now with Isabella when she gets tired I go put her down in her crib or playpen. I can walk away and she goes to sleep with virtually no fussing or crying. She just tries to go to sleep on her own. With Douglas we can be almost anywhere, I can take him aside, tell him it's nap time & that he needs to try and go to sleep & he will. It's awesome! It took a little bit of work but it was definitely worth the effort! It's so nice to not have to worry about fit throwing, crankyness, or anything like that. Don't get me wrong, they aren't perfect and things still happen. (tired kids are cranky kids) But knowing what to expect for the most part is so nice and I can enjoy my kids so much better, and so can everyone else. Don't you just hate it when you can't/don't want to hang out with a friend because you don't want to be around their kids. It's sad isn't it?

Here's an excerpt from one of the articles I read prior to starting with Douglas:
"Starting a habit is so much easier than breaking one. As adults, we have the will power and the understanding to change a habit. Yet, even so we find it difficult to go against a habit and are always tempted to fall back to the former ways. Think how hard it would be for a two-year-old to break a lifelong habit. It was okay for two years to soil a daily diaper or two or three, and suddenly their parents are looking down at them and saying, "Stop going in your diaper; I want you to teeter over this great big hole that if you are not careful you might fall into and get flushed down." I can easily see why an untrained child would be afraid and fight against it." {via} Now that you read that aren't you thinking, "well that makes sense, I never thought about it that way?!" That's what thought.

In chapter 11 of To Train Up A Child entitled "Potty Untraining" Michael Pearl begins with a section called "no more diapers":
"On a missionary trip to Central America, we were amazed by the practice of the primitive Maya Indians in not diapering their babies prior to stuffing them into a carrying pouch. Their infants were all potty trained. After experimenting on our own, and after further observation, we discovered that infants are born with an aversion to going in their "nests". Parents "untrain" them by forcing them to become accustomed to going in their clothes a child instinctively protests a bowel movement. He kicks, stiffens, and complains. Being sensitive to the warning signs (after having changed 17,316 diapers with the first three), my wife tried it on our new arrivals. When she sensed that the child was about to "go", she would go to the toilet and place the bare infant against her bare legs in a spread-leg sitting position. Dribbling a little stream of warm water over the child's private parts helped provoke the start of an impending "tinkle". As the child began urinating, she would say, "pee pee". On other occasions, if she missed the signs and a bowel movement was in progress, she would rush the child to the bathroom to finish on the toilet, while occasionally saying, "do do". Even if the child was through with his elimination, she still set him on the pot in order to reinforce the training. He came to identify the sound with the muscle function. Our children became so well trained to the voice command that we had to be careful not to say the words at the wrong time. We could be bragging to our neighbor, say the magic words, and induce a release."

To me this made so much sense, and even if it didn't work what could it hurt? I was determined to try it! Guess what, Douglas learned in about 3 or 4 days what if felt like to poop and what he needed to do when he felt he needed to go. If I though he needed to go I would put him on the toilet and say "try and go potty" and he would strain. He still does that when I think he needs to try. Like before we go to the store, or I have him try before his bath, or before bed. The rest of the time he lets me know when he's gotta poop (for the most part) and I try and ask him frequently if he's gotta pee. He's doing pretty good and getting better. I believe that maybe if I had started trying to train him earlier he might already be potty trained.

On their website they also make the comment that "It is more the parent being trained than the baby. You just have to be consistent in "your" training." It just takes you paying attention to your child and "going with your gut"

Another thing to understand is that it's not a discipline thing. When they have an accident it's okay. All you're doing is trying to start the habit early and get them comfortable with sitting on an uncomfortable place for someone so small. Here's are links to other articles they have on the subject on their site: ("potty training answered""baby-potty-training","one-more-time" )

There is also another website I kinda liked called diaperfreebaby.orgThis is the page on their website I got some of my info from. I'm not crazy about their site, but they do have some good info, they are just a little "earthy" for me. I guess earthy would be the word lol. I believe we'll be practicing what they refer to as

{Part-time EC
Part-time EC'ers are generally committed to practicing EC consistently, but not necessarily round-the-clock. They practice EC to whatever extent they feel able to accommodate, and they and baby benefit by remaining aware of elimination.

Part-time EC'ers may use diaper backup but also employ some "diaper-free" periods, perhaps once a day or several times a week or whenever they feel they are in a situation which will allow them to enjoy a stress-free, enjoyable bonding experience - for instance, in a carpet-free part of the house or outdoors. Even by just catching some catches every day, parent and baby can remain remarkably aware of elimination and patterns.

Part-timers may begin to practice EC on a more full-time basis when baby is older and going longer between elimination, signaling more overtly to be taken to the potty, or showing signs of approaching toilet independence.} 

I guess we'll see how Isabella does and I'll keep you updated. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yesterday on my Facebook page I shared something funny Douglas said. He was moving his belly in and out, he did that when i was pregnant with Isabella and would say that Isabella was in there. here's a video of that.

he was doing that again yesterday and told me he had a baby in his belly. I said, "really?! what's your baby's name?" he replied, "Octopus". lol

It reminded me of something he did the other day. He was sitting on the toilet, he said he had to go poop, but it was his bed time & I think he was just trying to get out of going to bed. He sat on the toilet for a while. Mathew & I went to check on him and were asking him if he was done. He said, "no, I not". Then he strained really hard, clenched his fists, and said,"1,2,3, baby!". I guess he was giving birth. When finally did go he said the baby came out. 

We're thinking he got it from the Lost finale. When Kate is helping Claire give birth she counts then tells her to push.

Douglas is too perceptive.

Just thought I'd share that with you. Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


warning: this is a long one, with lots of pictures

I'm not sure if you've heard about tropical storm Agatha. I don't like it very much. It hit El Salvador, Guatemala, & Honduras. If you know anything about those countries you know that they are like their own little community. They are even working on getting something passed to where you can go back and forth to all 3 countries without a visa or passport. (That would be awesome for missionaries!)

The tiniest of those countries is El Salvador. El Salvador is about the size of New Jersey & as of 2009 approximately 6.2 million people live there. {via wikipedia/ElSalvador}

That is where I was born. Where my family is from... where everyone in my family besides my brother was born. It's not my "home", not it the way most people think of home. When I was 2 my mom moved to California from El Salvador and left me with my grandma. She wanted a better life for me, for us. (wow did I get that & then some! I'm so grateful to her) She would send us money & other things, lets just say I was the only 3 year old in El Salvador with some pretty cool Reeboks. She got settled in & when I was almost 5 she sent for me. I flew to LAX. I didn't have to go through the hard time of walking and riding in a vehicle to the US like most immigrants from there do. A lot of them die. According to the US Border Patrol, 1,954 people died crossing the US-Mexico border between the years 1998-2004. In the fiscal year ending September 29, 2004, 460 migrants died crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. In 2005, more than 500 died across the entire U.S.-Mexico border. The number of yearly border crossing deaths has doubled since 1995. Yet the statistics cited by scholars and the media are merely the number of known deaths and do not include those who have never been found, grossly underestimating the actual number of migrants that have died attempting unauthorized border crossings. {via-wikipedia} I hadn't been to El Salvador since. My mom still hasn't been back. But in September 2008 Mathew & I made a trip. I had to go in order to be able to get my residency ( I have the best lawyer for that by the way & I did end up getting it! I am now a resident with a green card! praise the Lord!). All the news about these countries makes me ache. Stories titled " tropical storm leaves six dead in El Salvador" and "Agatha leaves 82 dead in Guatemala, El Salvador". There are some disaster relief efforts, but have you seen the pictures of the sink hole in Guatemala City? Could you imagine?! Like I said, it's not "my home", but it is. I dug up our pictures. I haven't shared these because we use a disposable camera.We weren't sure what to expect there & didn't want to risk losing our digital camera. Mathew had never been out of the country & neither had I. My scanner is broken so I just took pictures of the pictures. These aren't that great, but with some editing I made it work

This is my uncle Nelson and his family. His wife Flor and his kids are Nelson (junior), the oldest, then Ronald, and Fabiola aka Fabi. They are who showed us around & picked us up at the airport, while we were in San Salvador.
This is the view from our hotel. It was right in down town San Salvador. That mountain right behind the billboard isn't a mountain, it's a volcano. It's dormant though.
we could also walk to Burger King if we wanted to
while we were there we grew attached to my family

Mathew grew specially attached to the kids.

one in particular!
I'm pretty sure he took this picture
In town everything was very nice and looked a like some place here. But out in the "country" we saw a lot of shacks where people lived and women were washing their laundry in the river... I hate laundry anyway. I couldn't imagine washing it in the river. I'm so thankful I have a washing machine. We didn't get any pictures of all that, I'm not sure why, but I found this on flickr and it's what we saw a lot of
El Salvador is so beautiful, yet most of the people there live in poverty. no, it's beyond poverty. Flickr has some really neat pictures of all of it.
we went to Puerto La Libertad and the fish market there
in the big metal bowl to the left of this picture are sea turtle eggs

look at that huge fish!
sting rays
this guy! this guy broke my heart. he'd been out fishing ALL morning and he only caught a couple of things. this fish he said was called the devil fish and you can only eat a certain part of it. meaning he probably wasn't going to get any money for it :( his shirt was full of holes & i just wanted to take him home with us & make everything all better. 
The beaches there are beautiful. We didn't go to one of the nicest ones but we still loved it.

and there he goes with Fabi again... I can't wait to see what he'll be like with Isabella when she gets older

have you ever thought about smuggling children into the country? My husband has.

Our trip made us appreciative of what we have... then we forgot about it & went back to our day to day. I'm going to frame some of these and maybe I won't take things for granted as much. I thank my God for giving my mom the courage to come to this country. For allowing us to be here & have a good life. Now I can give my children even more. We hope to go back and visit again, maybe once our kids are older so they can go too & see how lucky they were to be born in United States.