Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I changed my blog title font. "homemade apple pie" just sounded like it fit better. i like it.

I haven't sewn in a couple weeks. I'm having withdraws. I need to get back to it. today I started designing my next project. it's going to be a blast! {if I ever get to it}

I added a few totes to my etsy shop. they are gorgeous.

I can't seem to shake my perplexity in the fact that Isabella is going to be one. 1! I feel like I just had her. I look like I just had her. but that's another story.

Robert Pattinson is a dream. 
{image via}

I am starting to get back on track.

the Martha Series, & the Created to be A Help Meet series will be back this next week. I'm excited about them.

I'm sooo ready for spring. I want to go outside. but it keeps teasing me. first few days it was nice I was grounded. stuck inside, getting ready for Rhea Lana. Then last week I had to bundle up to go out and burn out trash. This past weekend was beautiful, but I, I had to have "girl issues". major ones. have your doc paged on a Saturday kind of issues. today was rainy. i bummed around the house.

Mathew did till our garden for us on Sunday :)

I want to paint my kitchen. I want to make curtains for my entire house. I wish sleep wasn't a necessity.

c'mooon SpRing!
I'm loving this painting btw

I'll talk at you tomorrow.

peace out!

Friday, April 1, 2011

I've been

  • "spring cleaning"
  • dealing with kids & their poop problems
  • going last minute used lawn mower shopping IN SPRINGFIELD with my husband. VERY last minute, like, I had to get ready & get Elizabeth here within 15 minutes. 
  • freezing. wood stove not working. temps were in the 30s. tomorrow is supposed to be 68. ??
  • running out of food & having to get groceries in the rain.
  • having the WORST period ever. (over share?)
today I've had a bad day. not horrible, just little things kept going wrong. like:
  • getting poop on me (Isabella's)
  • dropping one of my grocery bags in the parking lot.
  • the bag of cans & jarred spaghetti sauce.
  • watching the can & jars roll into a puddle.
  • sticking my thumb through the FULL cup of Sonic tea I got for Mathew.
  • dropping the toiler paper & watching it roll all the way to the door. i felt so helpless.
you know. things like that. 

so, that's where I've been.