Monday, May 23, 2011


I live in Carthage, MO. about 12 miles from Joplin. Joplin is where I go all the time. went there today for a birthday party. thought about going to target or starbuck's afterward but decided to just go home.

after celebrating my brother's graduation on Saturday & going to the birthday party Sunday afternoon something felt wrong. Mathew doesn't worry about storms. he looks out the window, check's the weather app on his iPhone & that's about it. if he's not home, he rushes home & then doesn't worry about it because he's with us. sweet. but this time I ignored him & turned the TV on. I heard "tornado touched down in Joplin...." then it cut out. I grabbed Douglas & Isabella & told Mathew that we were going downstairs, he of course said ok & kept playing Xbox. I took them to the basement. went back upstairs, grabbed some crackers, a drink, my shoes, my phone & my lap top. turned the tv on. nothing major. a little later I heard Mathew's phone ring. then he came downstairs too. His dad had called to tell him about the tornado in Joplin. We don't have cable, satellite, or anything. we settled for internet & Netflix but we do get local channels. the one we got said where the tornado touched down in joplin. Liz lives close to there. so do A LOT of other people we know. I texted Liz. They're ok. My friend Deb's husband was in his car at a burger place. He's ok but their car was smashed & he got hit by some debri. but nothing major... I went to I saw a button that said "streaming tornado coverage live from Joplin, MO". we clicked on it. saw this.

Mathew & I both said "that's not Joplin!.... is it?!" no one was talking, the guy Mike Bettes a storm chaser was walking around trying to see if there was anyone in the damaged cars. every window on the hospital building was broken. some places could only be recognized as a houses because just the foundation was still there.

it WAS Joplin! I almost started crying. The guy, the weather chaser. Mike, he said that he saw people die in front of him. he didn't realize how close they were to it. that he'd never seen anything like this. then, he started crying. 

That's Academy Sports & Outdoors.  Me & the kids were just there last week!
we were planning to go to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch tomorrow with the Mom's group.

NO damage here but please pray for Joplin, MO. Please pray for Mathew's cousin's grandpa. He was in that hospital in the first picture. and as of right now, we Still haven't heard how he's doing.

I'll keep you updated. Thanks for your prayers.

*update: they found him. he's well. but there are still a lot of people hurting & searching for loved ones.*

Sunday, May 22, 2011


this is me & my younger brother Billy after his 5th grade graduation.

Saturday May 21st @ 4pm we went to Bud Walton Arena at the University of Arkansas

along with about a million other people it felt like

to watch him graduate from High School!!
me, Billy, & our mom
I still can't believe he actually made it ;) lol
we got some really good pics
with Douglas 

with abuelita
with Mathew, I'll tell you why he's laughing in a min.
with his sweetheart, Erin. isn't she cute?!!
but it's me. & Billy. & when we get together, we tend to laugh at everything, & everyone.

no one is excluded from our fun making. including abuelita.

our mom

or even billy. this next pic explains why Mathew was cracking up in the other one. as I took the picture, he grabbed billy's butt. Billy's face is priceless.
gotta love billy.

this is me & my younger brother Billy after his high school graduation.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

what you might not know about me is...

I'm 4ft 8 inches tall. not even 5 ft. Here in Missouri kids need to be 12 yrs old OR 4'9 to sit in the front seat. if not they need a booster seat. so basically, I shouldn't even be driving. Thought the hubs found that out a long time ago.

I have no balance. me doing yoga on Thursdays is quite comical.

I do yoga on Thursdays at 11. most Thursdays.

my Ipod play lists are categorized by the occasions that they are called for:

  • Created {for when I need a pick me up. to be reminded that God made me me. for a purpose. for him, for Mathew.}
  • Cupcakes & Sprinkles {perfect mix for baking/cooking}
  • Good Morning {self explanatory}
  • Messy {gotta clean this place up!/get some work done!}
  • Now {my quicky playlist, this one changes all the time, it's a short one of my faves that day/week. whateves.}
  • Sweet Dreams {go to sleep}
I'm a lazy bum. or at least feel like it most of the time.

I am a horrible HORRIBLE gardener. yet every year {except last because I was pregnant with kid #2} I try, & try. THIS year I'll do better. {I say that every year}  I planted tomatoes, belle pepper, red peppers, orange bell, sweet basil, corn, cucumbers & my favorite a variety of sunflowers. Including Mammoth sunflowers. I tell people they are for D's enjoyment {the flowers} but in reality I <3 them. They are also my mom's fave so they'll be perfect to pick for her bday in september:)

I'm obsessive. if I get into something I must do it right. do it good. do it perfect. I will focus on it until I do it. do it right. for example. Angry Birds. I have 3 stars on all levels.

I'm working on doing some kind of crafter's/home business market like Lindsey's. do you live close by? are you interested in joining us?

I'm having a busy week. with a couple of orders to fill for my Babe.E.Cakes :) I'll post pictures later! sorry that I've been neglecting you. I miss blogging. I miss letting things "out". Thanks for reading! have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, May 2, 2011

{my} Martha Monday

meet my friend Martha.

we met about 5 years ago. before i was even pregnant with Douglas. We met on facebook. I know. kinda weird. but she was looking for a good church to go to. I invited her to ours. Her & her husband still go there.

We've moved away but still keep in touch, via facebook, texting, emails & blogging. visit her blog. she's a very crafty, sweet gal. you'll love her!

she's started a business called .Shabby Threads. she's got some super cute stuff & makes the prettiest pillowcase dresses I've ever seen.

She started selling some items at True Treasures in Bentoville, AR. after a short conversation i decided to see about selling some of my items there too! 

isn't it darling?!

that adorable little giraffe is by Martha. & I'm pretty sure I need that pink chair right??

read true treasure's blog, see what's new. visit their facebook page & "like" them {.shabby threads. too of course!}

I've got crayon rolls...
 princess pants,

and a few other things there. Mrs Debbie True, owner of True Treasures has informed me that as of right now there is only 1 crayon roll left, and 2 super hero capes :) looks like I need to re-stock.

thank you Martha! love ya girl!