Tuesday, June 21, 2011

recent events

just thought  i'd fill you in on a couple of things:

I'm loving the addition of some color to my hair

playing with the kiddos

watching not just these sunflowers bloom in my garden,

these also,

and we've got squash!

been hanging out in the hammock .

and remember these cupcakes?

the little girl whose mommy's baby shower they were for turned 1. I made them again. along with this one just for little Olivia.

tomorrow is the launch of my shop! cannot wait! see ya then!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Martha Monday

I was going to write about Martha Stewart & her thoughts on refrigerators. even share some pics of my messy, dirty fridge. Martha would be ashamed I tell you. but again MY Martha won out.

She is the face, mind & style behind .shabby threads. 

some of her items include the most whimsy, cute, adorable, not enough adjectives to decribe pillowcase dresses, totes

even 'quirky coasters'

and she can make something like this for you

I got mine in the mail this weekend! when I got the envelope I didn't think I could open it fast enough! but when I did I was so happy with them! 

excuse me while I find the perfect place for them.
see ya tomorrow!