Friday, July 29, 2011


without further ado...
at 11:45 pm
that's still counts as friday right?!
here's my week via instagram

life rearranged

last Saturday was out 6 yr anniversary! we went on a date. had a great time. i dressed up a little.

"wore these on our date saturday! i never wear stuff like that, but i think i'll start!"

Sunday, I finally finished rearranging my sewing/crocheting/crafting area.

"happy buttons! :)"
monday was a blah day. but we did get to see the cool moth!
"giant month outside of the bank! gross!"
Tuesday I got to enjoy a girl's night!! PF Chang's or bust! {1.5 hrs away! fun little roadtrip!} and even got to bring home the joy of lettuce wraps to my hubby, WHO'D NEVER TRIED THEM! whoa?! they're like heaven!
"happy tummy"
Wednesday morning landed us in the ER room again!
"Aw poop!!! "mystery pain" is back!!! :( @ McCune Brooks Hospital"
wednesday, thursday & friday all run together. lack of sleep. teething baby. who puked 2 times today by the way! ON ME!

we got out juicer today, mathew made a couple of juices, we figure we'll like them cold better so we put them in the fridge & we will start tomorrow

"the start of the green juice {& carrot juice}" #fatsickandnearlydead

Thursday, July 28, 2011


no, i'm not missing.

you didn't get "unfriended" {at least not yet}

i've been thinking about it for a while & finally decided to give it a go.

i deactivated my Facebook account.

i don't miss it yet. i actually feel, relieved. a load off. deadpan.

i read this post and then this one. the 2nd one is really neither here nor there with me though I guess, because I don't have a big following {at least not yet} or super successful shop {at least not yet}.

but even before that, i thought about it.

first off - 
what Kerri calls "the surface, shallow friendships". there are some people i'm "friends" with on there that i haven't seen or talked to in a LONG time {not even on facebook} & they live in the same town. it's not just their fault. i don't reach out either. though honestly i think i put more effort into friendships than most. i haven't had close friends since... well none in high school, i seemed to be too conservative for my high school class. I did have great church friends but only saw them once a week or so and couldn't really share my whole "life" with them you have to be in high school to understand it.. the only friends i did have were adults. mom & dad like to me. those people, those friends, though older than me are still my friends. they live either in central Arkansas {5+ hours away from me} or in Bolivia {a different world}. so when i meet someone that i really want to be friends with i take the time to get to know them, call them, text them, be there for them.

Kalyn was my last "real" friend. i met her my first day working at a bank in Northwest Arkansas, the day before she had her daughter. I had Douglas a year later... IN NORTH CAROLINA. Kalyn puts up with me.  when mathew & i had some "issues" a few years back, Kalyn's house was open to me at 3am when i thought running away was the only way to get my act together. she was also the one that said "maybe you should go home". we have the same kind of humor, that's a very important trait in a friend..... since we live far away from eachother we don't talk as much. we're there for the major & can "pick up where we left off" any time.

honestly, i think my honesty, my way of thinking scares people off. I'm not one to push my believes in a way to make you feel uncomfortable or inadequate. i know that most people feel completely comfortable to be themselves and speak their mind around me and i should feel the same right?! I have made a couple of friends lately. I love them, they're great. they're REAL friends.

bragging. why do people feel the need to brag about everything they have/own/do. specially the "i just got a mani-pedi, going to eat at the most expensive place in the world then shopping for $6,000.00 bags... 2 of them!" every freakin day. i have to admit, some of it is me. oh the jealousy. i'm usually a very simple gal. don't wear much make up, keep my hair pretty plain. like cute comfy clothes {dresses with pockets!!}. i love a good bargain. but then when i see people like THAT & i'm like, well maybe i should try harder, why don't i look like that, why isn't my husband buying me stuff like that. why aren't WE in debt up to our eyeballs?! oh right because it's stupid & so not me.

now that i'm a mom, the moms on there really "grind my gears" {name that show!} "my baby never cries, breastfeeding is so easy if you don't do it you're a whimp, i make the bed everyday, my house is spotless and i just cooked a 5 course lunch, gotta get started on dinner while my wonderful children play without fighting & making messes!" what thuh?! no one believes that, all you're doing is telling people like me that you don't think we're as good as you. you ma'am can go eat your 5 course meal while i unfriend you. and at the same time i question my decisions as a parent, look at my house and want to run away, go eat a tub of ice cream because as much as i don't want it to, it still gets to me.

me. i seem to cause some problems. i'm the girl that gets called into the principal's office for making someone cry. not just for fun, but in defense of someone else or my beliefs. i hate bullies, i hate when people criticize everything. specially on facebook. it's like hey, if i like fishing, my profile will probably be loaded with fishing pics, you don't like fishing?? fine but you don't have to ramble about how you don't like my pictures & fishing is cruel or whatever people say. i don't like fishing. lol

unfriending. i've narrowed down my list from like 400 to 206. i keep family members & REAL friends, ones that i interact with at least on facebook. but there are those 30 or so that i feel if i remove them i'll hear something. they'll talk crap about me. they'll get together & say, "what a jerk!" which i guess i can be sometimes. or they'll think i'm trying to hide something. the people who aren't my friends but still creep on my facebook page. i DO post often. a lot actually. i like to. i also like to keep my friends & family updated on Mathew & the kids. i have no family less than 1.5 hours away. & most of it is atleast 18-26 hours away. facebook is a means to keep tabs on each other. to see our cousins & what they're up to, to see pictures of our kids & can't believe how long it's been since we used to have sleepovers. it's nice. but those other people, the s*** talkers {can you tell i'm getting a bit aggravated?}, the fake smilers, the oh "i love you're new dress" sayers {how the heck do you know what my freakin wardrobe is?! this is 5 years old! to which then they say "oh well you haven't worn it in a while!" what?! i don't remember what i wore yesterday!}. THOSE people, the ones i need to unfriend but can't find the guts.... they were the last straw.

so i finally did it. i figure this way i'll see how i feel about it in a couple of weeks. if i feel ok with letting "those people" creep, see, talk about, comment on my life then i will activate it & not worry about them.   but right now what i really want to do, because i really do love facebook, is delete all of them and only keep my real life family & friends.

we'll see if i have withdraws or anything. and if you're reading these last sentences, thank you for hanging in through my rant. maybe back to happiness & yellow walls tomorrow. this whole teething kid, ER visits, missing grandma, not sleeping more than a couple hours at a time thing is draining me & my happy. but it'll be better soon. after the molars come in. i think i'll go clean the kitchen & bake a cake. or just take a nap.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


MRI results:

small tear inbetween L4 & L5

sucky place for it. specially for someone who does manual labor for a living. for someone who drives a tractor or a semi-truck nearly every day. but nothing to be done about it until it tears. they want to give him cortisone shots to help with the pain & steroid shots to see if it'll help it heal itself. when it tears all the way, then they can do surgery. i'm not crazy about that. so i've been online doing research. thinking of doing a detox. eating raw foods. maybe even juicing like on Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. this movie is on Netflix watch instantly section. i totally recommend you take the time to watch it.

i don't think i could go 60 days. mathew wants to do a 10 day juice fast. we're getting ready for it. i might do a 5 day one Mathew though, is desperate for some relief. I'm also working on cutting refined sugar out of our diet. going to use a stevia mixture instead.

this morning we went to the ER again. Mathew woke up with the same pain from last monday. but up higher too. and stronger. it scared him. he drove himself to the ER and i called his mother to come watch the kids. again. they ran the same tests & some more. they also did some x-rays.. his kidneys & other organs are fine. no problems. they think it might bMusculo-Skeletal. they don't know what to think, they just know, or say they know he's not in danger from anything major organ damage.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


last thursday Isabella had her 15 month check up!

the office we used to go to was umm... blown away, destroyed... is gone. May 22nd Tornado. so glad it was on a Sunday, it was bad but it could've been so much worse. now when you go to joplin and you're on "the edge" of the destruction area it looks like... well, you know when you go to the beach and you see buildings but nothing behind them, that's when you know the beach is just right there! well, this is what joplin looks like. everything's there around the outside, but the middle, is just gone. when you're at the edge of it it looks like the world ends just past that building. i guess for so many it probably felt/feels/seems that way.

her doctor is at a temporary location. it's nice to see everyone come together. so many donations. one of the things in the rooms we were waiting in was this book. pretty sure we need it. lol

she got a couple of shots, but also a sucker and a goose? duck? swan? whatever it is she calls it "da da" which is her version of "quack quack" {can you tell i'm a farmer's wife? cause i am. i should know farm animal species right?}

doctor said, "she'll be 5'8, maybe 5'9" what?!! that's like another person taller than me! ok a "little person" but still! {I'm 4'8 if you didn't know}

the doctor looked in her mouth & said, "whoa! all 4 molars at the same time! that's one way to do it!" one of them has come through, the other 3 are on the brink.. The doctor said, "feel free to give her tylenol if she has trouble sleeping or anything". i didn't. i don't. i hate giving her things if she's not miserable. if she's not complaining or acting like it bothers her then she'll be ok without it. i do give her  popsicles, and wash rags and things to chew on. she's been sleeping ok. not too cranky, but last night. last night was a little rough.

fake crying. the crying that you know is just to get attention. the "crying" she does with just her voice, no tears, no actual crying. i pick her up change her we diaper. love her for a few minutes. i put her and her teddy back in bed. i hear her talk and sing over the monitor for a bit then we both fall back asleep.

horrible ear screeching crying. as i jump out of bed & run downstairs i think "crap she fell out of her crib! but how?!". her leg is stuck. in the last slat. the one that's the part of the dresser that's attached to her crib. i "save" her. she's screaming. her shin has a dent in it & some of the skin looks like it's been peeled off. it's a little purple, but no blood. no broken leg. i take her to mine & mathew's bed because i need to get her ice. he holds her and calms her down while i get the ice. he's a great daddy. i put ice on it, once she's feeling better she starts standing up on the bed, wanting to smack us, sing, talk, etc. so i tell her it's night time, bed time. she can do that in her own bed if she'd like but the rest of us are sleeping. i put her and her teddy back in bed. i hear her talk and sing over the monitor for a bit then we both fall back asleep.

fake crying again. i'm exhausted. i go to her room. climb up into her crib and lay with her. she tries to go back to sleep. but she's hungry. her mollars hurt her. we get up. she eats a banana, a couple of graham crackers and has some water. AND SOME TYLENOL. i put her and her teddy back in bed {with the water on the dresser where she can reach it}. i hear her talk and sing over the monitor for a bit then we both fall back asleep.

Monday, July 25, 2011


I'm ready to share lots of things with you.

but i don't feel like it.
i feel very, very blah....
i still have my draft of insta-friday from last week {a post recaping the week in instagram pictures. i'll show you this friday}

i haven't gotten out of my yoga clothes from this morning.
good thing it was just some light yoga & stretching cause if not i'd totally stink.

but Douglas & i did run to the bank & the post office today. yes, in my yoga clothes. Billy kept an eye on Isabella for me {she was asleep the whole time}

outside the bank we saw this!

a moth.
a giant moth.
i have a very low tolerance for moths. meaning that they make me gag. they scare me. give me the hibbie jibbies.
i guess we have a knack for finding moths though. {like the one we found coming out of its cocoon a couple months back - here}

of course D had to "pet it".

that was the highlight of the day pretty much.

i think maybe i'm blah because of my grandma.
she's been living with my mom but now she's decided to go visit family in NC & Maryland for a couple of months. from there she's going back to Cali to spend time with my only aunt, her sisters & their kids.
by Christmas she wants to be in El Salvador.
she wants to stay there.
she feels like a burden.
honestly, she kind of is.
she stayed with us for a few days and it was like having another kid.. except you can't tell her no. i mean you can't get on to her.
and she doesn't speak or read english so she used my lysol wipes that were on the toilet as wet wipes for her ummm... self. lol funny & sad at the same time.
every day she wanted to be take out. to go somewhere, even if it was just for a ride.
she eats like 10 meals a day. plus snacks.
she wants to go to walmart with you. and look at every single thing! by the time you get to groceries she's tired & ready to go home. but not before she sneaks a chocolate bar into the cart.
actually.... this sounds a lot like me. well, except for the using lysol wipes on your butt part. and normally it's red bull i sneak in. not chocolate. 

she also says that she feels like her life is coming to an end and it's too expensive to be buried in the US. she doesn't want to put that on us. she wants to see the family she hasn't seen in a while. last time she was in El Salvador was about 6 years ago. that's her home. our home
my grandma {or abuela} & my mom came to visit last Saturday.
that might have been the last time i got to see her. the last time she saw my children, my husband, my brother. me.
though she's a handful i can't imagine life without her in it.
the woman i was named after.

no matter what i know that every morning she gets on her knees and begs God for me. to protect me, teach me, love me, take care of me and my family. i know that she names us by name before The Lord. I can't imagine her not doing that.
after she prays she "works out" she does laps around the house. {smile} she does neck exercises. look right, left, up, down, right, left... lol no stiff old lady here. then she eats an eggo waffle with banana slices & syrup on top.
maybe this is what i needed. just to reflect & share her.
thanks for reading...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

words from Pinterest

so, you know i love me some pinterest.
i love all my boards.
today though i feel the need to share a little "pick-me-up".
a little fun.
a few wise words.
on pinterest you can find lots of interesting, fun, wise quotes.
some that seem made just for you.
like this one:
i love lemons.
i love cupcakes
my wedding colors were pink & yellow.
it's almost like it was made for this little corner of the universe that is wholly me.
this blog.
MY blog.

there are also funny ones.
this one totally cracks me up.
and things that i wish i could tell some people.
ha ha! love it!

you can find quotes to remind us of what is important in day to day life. even in the minute {my-nute?}.

quotes to remind me to be myself.
you be yourself too!
even when it's hard.
even when you're not sure.
even when you think others will dislike you for it.

wise words.
words that remind me that even when being "myself" i must be considerate.

words to remind me not to waste my time, my life, or my family's time with petty things like anger.

{this one reminds me of my mother-in-law. she's a worrier & has passed that trait onto her son. my husband. hi susan!}

 and even yesterday.

past times even with all the great memories won't get you anywhere today.
everyday is a new day & should be taken as an opportunity for new memories, new creations, new achievements.

i hope that you enjoyed these!
and i hope that you have a great day, because my favorite thing about this blog is sharing it with you!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Martha Monday {painting vertical stripes}

so, Martha Stewart didn't have much to say about painting vertical stripes.
at least not that i found.

so, hi! i'm emma & i painted these beautiful walls almost all by myself!
{my brother helped... a little}

so instead of a Martha Stewart info column {see hereherehere, here, here, & here}
i'll be the one giving the tips!

so, here are my tips for painting vertical stripes.

tip # 1- always start with the lighter color first!
First paint a base coat on the entire wall. for stripes that's really important because the base coat will be one of the stripes

tip #2- measure TWICE paint once.
from sewing i've learned that you measure twice, cut once. instead of ruining your work, your fabric, the whole thing. i would suggest {& so would the rest of the "experts" online} that Stripes should be between 4" and 12" wide. {A width of less than 4" would be too narrow and busy; more than 12", too wide and heavy} my stripes as 4 & 8 inches wide. measure from the corner least seen out. i used a pencil to mark my lines. I think a laser level would've been ideal for this! if i had one.

tip #3- mark the stripes you're NOT going to paint!
mark them with an x, or as i did in the picture below, with a diagonal strip of tape. you might get in the painting groove & paint a spot that you weren't supposed to.
{mathew & billy thought i was going to paint diagonal lines on those. silly boys}

tip #4- paint your edges FIRST!!

tip #5- be patient with the tape.
it'll tear your base color off if you don't wait 48 hours before even thinking of measuring & taping your stripes. trust me! 

and last but most important!

tip #6- know what you're up against.
48 hours for base coat to dry. if you need to primer before that you'll need to make sure that dries. then dry time for the stripes. cleaning your walls before you even begin. this is at least a 4 or 5 day process. not 2 like initially thought. & that's not counting the 3 layers of wall paper & boarder I had to remove. also look up "painting vertical stripes" on youtube. there are some great videos by Home Depot!

 love my stripes, though it was kind of a pain to do because i didn't know tip #6 & didn't know there were 3 layers of wallpaper. i'm still glad that i followed through, did it right & got the kitchen paint i wanted!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

kitchen reveal

so... long story short, we live in the house my husband grew up in. his mom's kitchen theme is apples, which means i inherited her dark green wallpaper & light tan walls. not horrible, just too dark green for me. & light tan??! i think my legs blended in with that color. lol

forgot to take "before pics" so here's one of D in it making icing :)

I love red. specially my red Kitchen Aid Mixer. <3
& i KNOW that yellow isn't for everyone.
but i've always wanted a yellow kitchen.

yes that's sunscreen on the counter under the microwave! doesn't everyone keep sunscreen in the kitchen?! ;)

but i didn't just want plain yellow, i wanted a little something....
a little something more....

how about some pain in the butt stripes?!!

& one with some plates {& a fly swatter} on the wall.

{sorry for the crappy "night pic"}

i feel like maybe it's a little too bright...
but maybe just cause i'm not used to it...
honestly though, i really love it.
it's me.
it's way different than the rest of the house, maybe it needs painted too?!!

one room at a time emma... one room at a time!

it was photographed nice & neat just for you, but soon after i had to put my lovely "new" kitchen to work..

I think all the hard work, late nights, & under my breath cursing was worth the effort. i like it... & since i'm the cook, that's all that matters

{both colors by Sherwin-Williams. the brighter yellow is Cheerful Yellow & the lighter yellow is Fun Yellow}