Monday, September 26, 2011

let me explain...

writer's block.

too much going on maybe?

who knows.

but it's been over 20 days since my last post... I've had good intentions but just no motivation.

I added Story Book Capes to my shop! but again haven't even added a description. Which is probably why there's a lack of orders. They are very adorable though! I have some ready to make that are classic houndstooth with turquoise on the inside. Lovely.

I did make it to Target the day after the Missoni line launched. Some of the stuff is really cute. I love the flats, Is & I would look so cute with a matching pair! But my absolute favorite thing was this bike.

 it's black and white and perfect. perfect. Maybe Santa Mathew will bring it to me for Christmas. Maybe. I should write him a letter.

Douglas has started playing soccer. His practices are cute.

{jumping jacks}

But his games are even cuter. There's always that one kid that doesn't want to play, or cries when someone takes his ball. And they all go the wrong way. 3-5 yr old soccer games are best!

I've been super into dark nail polish colors with glitter. love.

Isabella's hair can now go up in a pony tail. Mathew says she looks like a sumo wrestler.
I put this little outfit together for her for a trip to the "barnyard" she loved the llamas & goats.

rainbow bright meets camo/brother's hand-me-downs.

I made ALL of these!

and now I have an order for 15 superhero capes, more bunting, hats....
basically I need more of this

Last Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch! It was lot's of fun!

Douglas' coach's husband had a big soccer game that afternoon, but we went home for Is to take a nap and I ended up falling asleep too and we pretty much missed it. Lame.

Amanda & I have been doing a workout bootcamp at the Y. It's Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  We've done it for 1 week. But every time is different. right now I can't move my legs. I can't sit Indian style.  I can't get my leg up on the bed.  yes it's funny. but not really. The bootcamp is different every time. Isn't that not good, doesn't that make you get super sore every single time?? I'm not sure if I like it yet. 

You know how I told you this job I was training for was "in the bag"?? Well, it was. Then this girl came along who had more experience. She got the dream shift. the 6:30 to 3:30 shift. I was asked if I was interested in the 10am to 7pm shift. You know! In case I wanted to not see my children during the week ... so right now we're in limbo. But I'll keep you posted! :)

there. 20+ days worth of stuff. kinda.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

things you'd hear around our house

Mathew- husband, daddy
Emma- me!,  mommy
Billy- my brother, roommate?? {18}
Douglas- son, aka D {3}
Isabella- daughter, aka Is, diva {17 months}

Isabella to Mathew- "hi daddy!"

Billy to Mathew-"my sister has like an evil scientist laugh!"
me to Billy - "what?! why?!"
Billy to Me- "idk but it's funny though"

{Mathew & I laying in bed "recapping" the day}
Emma- "Amanda lives in the house that she grew up in"
Mathew- "That's cool! kinda like this!"
Emma- "Yeah! This is where your mom & dad did it"
both- "Eww!"

"She'll be OK! I gave her some ibuprofen & some cookies" - Emma about Isabella

Isabella to me- "hi daddy!"

me- "what do you want to be when you grow up? have you ever thought about it"
D- "yeah!"
me- "what?!"
D- "chicken butt!"

"maybe that's why most women don't want to have sex so much. The children that result from it." - Emma

"I have to poop because there's poop in my butt" - Douglas

{We have a really long gravel driveway}
Billy- "if Mailbox from Blue's Clues lived here he'd have to stretch a long way!!"
Emma- "yeah! he'd be all MAAIIILLLL TIIIMMMEE!!!"

Douglas to Mathew - "let me see your eyes! - you have mommy's eyes daddy!"

Isabella to Billy- "hi daddy!"

Billy- "I have a genius idea for a movie!"
Emma- "really?! what?!!"
Billy- "ok! you ready?! - someone has a. money tree! and they have to protect it"
Emma- "bahahaha"
Billy- "It's not funny! I'm serious!"

{Douglas knocking on bathroom door}
"mom!! I wan't you to come downstairs!"
me- "I'm in the bathroom, can I have a minute?!"
D- "but I hear Angry Birds!"

D- "one time I woke up and a green snake bit me"
Billy- "really?! where?"
D- "on my butt."

"grandma, you're brown like us too but you have lines" - Douglas

{in a whisper} "you wanna fight?!" -Douglas

Mathew- "mine piece of cake is bigger"
Douglas- "well mine's AWESOME bigger!"

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm not brown, I'm white!!

After bumping into each other, sweating our balls off, and almost collapsing during Zumba at the Y Amanda and I decided to go to El Charro {a local Mexican restaurant. obvs!}. We went to pick up D at the Y day care, {Is was at home with her daddy} and headed out to the parking lot.

A- "you sure D will be ok at the restaurant? I don't take Mia to restaurants."{or something like that}
Me- "yeah! He does good! Specially without Is around. No problem!" {shouldn't have said that!}

We get there and D decides he wants to sit on the outside of the booth. So he does. He doesn't understand that he needs to get out so I can get on the inside. He doesn't move. He tells me no and that he wants to sit on the outside! I try not to make a scene but then just pick him up make him stand up so that I can get in. He grabs the table and starts fake crying. As in NO tears! Looking back now I shoulda just dropped the whole thing and sat on Amanda's side. Why didn't I Amanda??

So we look through the menu and I ask D what he'd like. I suggest a chicken quesadilla. He asks for a cheeseburger.

Me- "Douglas, you're brown. Don't be like that, just get a quesadilla at least."
D- "No! I'm not brown! I'm white!!"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

guys are wimps

Wednesday afternoon.

Douglas was taking a nap because he was being kind of a jerk and had soccer practice at 5pm so he needed to cheer up. A nap almost always makes one feel better no?

Billy {my brother} and I were watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon {this fantastic episode} on my lap top. If you're new, you should know that I love Jimmy Fallon. Like, a lot. A. Lot.

Mathew was at the dentist.

Isabella was playing with her toys on the floor. We were sitting on the couch with the lap top on the coffee table. She was just on the other side of the coffee table. She was very quiet.

I've been trying to infant potty train this girl, but she won't have it. Almost every time she poops it's when she's in her crib. It's like she waits until I bathe her, put her in her pj's and then craps all over place. Like gotta change her sheets craps. I am convince that she does it on purpose. I wouldn't put it past her. If you've met her you'd know she's kind of a diva, and has an attitude problem.

Anyway, Billy and I laughing, enjoying Jimmy. Isabella playing on the floor. Like a perfect little angel. Then I look at my phone to check the time {who wears watches anymore!}, nap time! I pick her up, grab a diaper, 2 wipes, 2!!! and baby powder. I lay her on the couch next to Billy and pull her leggings off. Then, I undo her diaper and start pulling it of.. just like I always do before naps, when they're just a bit wet. BUT it wasn't just wet. IT WAS PACKED FULL OF CRAP. Isabella reaches for her feet, taking some poop in her fingers along with her. AND since I had already started to slide her diaper off, it also got on my sofa {which has just been PRO cleaned 2 days earlier}.... All the while Billy runs away... "there's poop in her vagina!"... and I'm left holding 2 wipes and a squirming poopy baby.

I made him come back and bring me the package of wipes and cleaned up the babe, the couch, and myself. I even had to change my pants because it got on my leg....

good times....

Monday, September 5, 2011

This is my 150th post!

What?! I know! There have been so many other things I've wanted to share and write about but I'd rather live life than just write about it... sometimes. lol

Know what else? Tuesday is my 25th birthday!


That's a big one! Sooo.... I'm celebrating with what I love most! Sharing my creations with you! Which means that I'll be doing a lot in the shop this week.

Sunday I added ear hats to the shop!

and today I've added the last 3 I have of these!

and at a FABULOUS price!

also, as an end of summer sale, sun bonnets in 2 different patterns are on sale! I love that they cover the ears so they're still perfect for a windy fall day!

AND!! I'm offering *FREE* shipping all week!! {til midnight on Sunday Sept. 11th} just use code 'ENDOFSUMMERSALE' when checking out & you'll receive FREE shipping on any and all items!

Free shipping has been going on since Sunday though! If you like Created on Facebook you would have known that right away... but if you like Created now you'll be set for the future right?!

 I will also be adding items to the shop almost every day this week so be sure to check back!! In addition, there will also be a giveaway at the end of the week!

Yesterday I shared part 1 of mine & Mathew's love story! Martha posted hers too!! It's so cute! check it out here.

have a great holiday!!

{via Late Night with Jimmy Fallon}

Friday, September 2, 2011

airline safety

my last post was.....
i don't think it was mean.
it was..... real.
everyone goes through spells like that with people they love so i'm not sorry that i posted it.
mathew read it.
we talked.
and i was right.
...i usually am... [sarcasm..... but not really]
he's unhappy. he's discontent. not satisfied. not present.
he admitted that he's been distant. and a-holey.
he's not happy with his lot in life.
if it were up to him he'd be farming right along side his dad... building up the farm even more.... [or however you would say that, i don't do farm talk]
and as much a you'll hear me say how i can't believe i live out here, how i detest bugs, heat, grass, and pretty much anything outdoorsy. i want him to be doing what he wants to be doing.
and I will do all i can to help.
I've picked up dead turkeys, fallen in turkey poop, gotten turkey guts & poop on my face, driven weird machinery, giant trucks, and even faced my fear of up close contact with cows for this guy.
because it's what he loves.
because it's his life.
but in order for him to be able to do that in the long run, he needs to back away from it right now. just for a bit.
he needs to heal.
but he doesn't want to need to heal.
he hates that this is happening in the first place.
so what does he do?
he isolates himself.
he hides behind mean words and snappy comments.
mostly from me.
we all know by now that i don't put up with unnecessary attitude and hatefulness well... at all. from anyone.
but i'm the last person that he wants seeing him that way. seeing him in his "weak state".  though i don't think of him that way at all. i don't see him that way... in his mind he wants to keep me from thinking of him needing help, not being able to pick up our children, or even bend over sometimes.
and i understand.
i also know that as much as you know what's good for you, what's right from wrong, sometimes your feelings, thoughts, emotions, and fears trump what you should feel and take over.
as much as we talk about him enjoying his time off, enjoying spending time with the kids, helping a little around the house, and just being home he wants to be somewhere else. let me rephrase that. he wants to be ABLE to be somewhere else. and he is... able... but then what... we'll have to call an ambulance one day to come pick him up and take him straight to have back surgery?! no!
back surgery is the last resort. and the cause of what's wrong can't even be fixed by surgery. {details here}
i had postpartum depression after having isabella. so i do understand.
and i also know, and he knows in his head, in his heart that for now... he's just gotta suck it up and live life.
the way it is.
he's gotta take care of himself, be happy with himself, thank God for the life, the people he has. get close to Him. just be happy "within". maybe even taking up a hobby [besides freakin xbox please?! did i tell you that he got invited to join a pro team as an alternate?! that there's a gaming league... what?!! I know! lame-o... but they'd probably say that about walls of yarn and fabric that make my heart flutter] eat right, exercise, stick with the physical therapy.... get good sleep.
LOVE himself.
no one, i don't care who they are, can respect, love or take care of anyone else the proper way [selflessly] if they don't respect, love, or take care of themselves.
it's one of those "airline safety" situations. where you put on your own oxygen masks first before helping those around you. not saying don't help those around you, but rather don't let yourself become faint from lack of oxygen, that you can't be much good to anyone at all.
it'll take time before he's happy again.
but he will be.... even just FINALLY talking about it he seems like he has a load off.
he's a tough nut to crack.
but i think together, we'll be ok.
we'll be great.