Monday, November 28, 2011

Super Douglas

Douglas had a small birthday party yesterday. He turned 4! 4! I can't believe it! [read his birth story here] He's way into superheros right now so what better than a superhero party?! Here are some of the highlights! 

each guest got a goody bag & balloon along with a custom superhero cape. They also got to decorate their own superhero mask! 

My "fan favorite" chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing were a hit. Justice's cupcake eating is my favorite! [bottom left]

Douglas loved ALL his presents. At one point he even exclaimed "BATTERIES!" lol

A few weeks ago Mathew & Billy went out & found him a 3/4 guitar. His reaction says it all.

I think everyone had a good time. Even though in the last couple of weeks time just got away from me & I didn't invite as many people as I wanted to.

But at the end of the the day, this "Wonder Woman" was spent. pooped. exhausted.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


November 27th, 2007. A Tuesday. 5 days after Thanksgiving. I was 264 days pregnant &I looked a little like this. [taken 15 days before]

Tired & huge.
I felt like I imagine an elephant feels.

When we found out we were expecting Mathew took a job with AWESOME pay & insurance. IN NORTH CAROLINA. Have you ever been to North Carolina? It's beautiful.
I loved it there. I miss it.

I had no close friends or family near by. For me that was actually a good thing because I don't like people watching me, looking at me, judging me when I don't know what I'm doing. And even if they aren't I think they are. I'm very self conscious when doing new things specially, you know... like with a baby! I was going to be a mom. I mean I babysat before but what was I going to do... with a baby?!  I wasn't due for another 16 days. Everything had gone great during the pregnancy, except for a few minor things, like nose bleeds, carpal tunnel, things you wouldn't even think had anything to do with pregnancy.

At my doctor's appointment that morning Dr. Hanson said everything looked great but there was a tiny bit of protein in my urine & that if i didn't go into labor by the next visit [in 1 week] that we would talk about me being induced. He didn't want me to get preclampsia or for the baby to get too big for me.
[reminder, I'm 4ft 8]

Mathew went into work at 11PM the night before, I had my OB appointment first thing in the morning & was going to go get groceries right after it so he decided to just meet me at Walmart when he got off work. I needed him to go with me because I couldn't push the cart. [big belly, short arms]. I couldn't lift things. [big belly, short arms]. AND I wanted to buy everything that looked, sounded or smelled delicious. [no excuse there, I still do that.] We took our time, Mathew had to work that night so we were planning going home, put groceries away, have lunch then he'd go to bed & I'd probably nap too. While walking to the register I felt an ache in my lower back. It was a little different than previous pains so I told Mathew about it & told him I thought that day could be the day. It's a weird feeling. You're scared, nervous, excited, & hungry all at the same time.

We went home & did as we planned except for the sleeping part.  When Mathew asked how I was feeling, I told him I wasn't having contractions but just had a feeling that it was going to happen. He knows that with me those feelings are usually right, so to kill time while he waited for me to go into labor he, of all things, played Xbox. He said he'd play for a little while, then shower, go to bed & we'd see what happened. I went up stairs to our bedroom and started cleaning up. My mom was set to get there on Thursday to help me with anything I needed before the baby came or after. Because of that I was all I gotta make the bed, make sure the trash cans are emptied, etc. I made the bed last. It was dumb because Mathew was just gonna go to bed & ruin it, but I did it anyway. Then as I was walking past our bathroom to go down stairs, I had the weirdest, grossest feeling. I ran to the bathroom, pulled my pants down [by then the only thing i could wear were those gauchos in the picture] & sat on the toilet.

Nope, not diarrhea. My water broke. I sensed when my water was going to break! Yeah, I'm pretty awesome. but I was surprised that it wasn't much. Did I just about pee myself?! It didn't feel like pee! Did I need a pad? I needed to call the doctor right? I called for Mathew. He knew something had happened right away & came running. I asked him to get me a pad just to be safe. I pulled my pants up & called the doctor, but not before Mathew asked if he had time to get in the shower. He did. I grabbed my make up, my phone charger, laid out Mathew's clothes & waited for him. We went downstairs & headed for the door, but as I walked by the downstairs bathroom I had that feeling again. I ran in the bathroom pulled my pants down & sat on the toilet. My water broke again? what's happening?? this time i was a bit late & got my pants a little wet. I didn't care. I needed to have this baby at a hospital so we needed to jet. Mathew grabbed a towel out of the laundry room & put it in my seat in the car. along the way it happened again. twice. I walked into that doctors office in my probably dripping wet pants. so much for a freaking pad. They took me right to the back & the doctor checked me.  Mathew had never been in there for one of those things & seeing his face was priceless. The doctor said something funny, can't remember what, but when he did I laughed & I died, I stopped breathing & my heart seriously stopped. Why? Because when I laughed I squirted out more liquid. all over his sleeve. "It's ok Emma, happens all the time!". I didn't buy it, but it made me laugh again & it was all on the floor & it looked super gross. only me.

Dr. Hanson said that we could head to the hospital, that Dr. Brezina was on call & would be taking care of us. "good luck!"

What? I don't know if I'm ready for this. This, THIS is happening... wet, squirting pants & all.

The hospital was right down the road & we made it there in just a few minutes, I'd say around 2:30/3pm. But during the drive there was when the real contractions started. We walked in, Mathew trying to act like this wasn't one of the biggest events in our lives for my sake. Remember the picture above, the wet pants, the pain that was probably now apparent in my face in the form of a pissed off glare. "what are you here for today?" Stupid receptionist lady. Seriously?

After checking in with Captain Obvious & getting my now in crippling pain every 3-4 minute butt in a wheel chair, they took us to the delivery wing. I had never been at the hospital before, never remember getting a gown on except for at the OB's office & you girls know how fun those NOT A GOWN things are. Why don't they just tell you to "take your clothes off & try covering up with this papertowel." Anyway, 4ft 8, regular size person gown.. didn't work out too well. They went & found me a child's. More "water" squirting, hooking up to things, freaking out inside my head, closer by the minute contractions, etc...

The results of all the checking? - Elevated blood pressure [duh, but really it was more than it should have been], lots of protein in my urine. what?! it had only been 6 or so hours since I was checked out by my doctor & everything was fine!

This next part is a little fuzzy. They gave me something to slow down the labor. They were afraid I'd pass out & they needed to stabilize my blood pressure. They told me I could get the epidural if I wanted just in case the baby decided to come anyway. DUH! Mathew's face when he saw the needle: priceless. After that I felt great, they reclined my bed, gave me something to drink & told me that they needed me to rest. Mathew [who had been awake since 10pm the night before] & I finally took our nap.

They woke me up later to check me out & see if they needed to get me started pushing. Of course I was ripe for the picking. Mathew woke up with all the activity going on & we got the show started. I pushed a few times, I was thirsty, sweaty & just wanted it to be over. "do you need a break? it's ok if you want to take a break." "no!" "Ooh kay, support her leg dad, we need a BIG push". 2 pushes later &.... you know what?! a baby crowning out of your vag, even with an epidural  hurts & burns like [censored]. Then the effing shoulders come through.

I'm trying to recall my thoughts, I can't. I was just there, in the moment, waiting for my baby. Dr.- "dad! you wanna cut the umbilical cord?" "no thanks!" "come here, you're cutting it, you'll regret it if you don't" "it's ok" "do it". Mathew took the scissors & gently tried to cut the umbilical cord. "wow" "you have to do it really hard try again" "oh man! that sucker's tough, they should make like bungee cord out of it something" - no joke.

He was here. Douglas was here. It wasn't just the 2 of us any more. He peed on the nurses as soon as he arrived & daddy cut him loose. He peed on the nurse that was trying to get his foot prints. That should have been an indication of what was to come. When you come to our house & use the main bathroom, please don't judge me by the strong smell of urine or any urine stains, drops, or puddles you may encounter.

I held him. I don't remember what all happened & what was said, but I was swollen, everywhere. every. where. They put bags of ice on my lady parts to make the swelling go down, & just covered me with a million blankets so I wouldn't be too cold. They said they'd have to keep me there for 24 hours & check on me every 1/2 hour. My blood pressure was crazy. I couldn't have my baby with me alone. someone else had to be in there with me. They were still afraid I'd pass out.

Everything turned out good & my blimpiness disappeared. We moved to a regular room after my 24 hours were up. My mom came to the hospital Thursday morning & we were released that afternoon. I remember coming home to a "wellcome baby" sign, my mom's cooking, & funny Salvadorian traditions. I was SO glad she was there. But mostly I was glad Douglas was there. His room was ready, his daddy was proud, & I was ready to be the best mom I could try to be. I wanted him to be his own person, I wanted to teach him that there was so much to learn from the world, that he should explore it. I wanted him to know God's love, God's forgiveness. I wanted him to know every song in the church hymnal but also Likin Park, Metallica, The Moldy Peaches, Bach, The Beetles, Johnny Cash. I wanted him to appreciate the little things, be happy, be polite, be funny, tough, cool, sweet, empathetic, educated, cultured, friendly.

His taste in music is SO diverse, he'll grab a song book & wants to sing Victory In Jesus. Then we get in the car & he wants to listen to Johnny Cash, Greenday, Adele. He cares for his sister, will be friends with anyone, loves having books read to him, playing games, wrestling, brushing my hair. He's creative. He wants to be a superhero. He's everything I hoped for & more.

It's hard to believe that ALL that happened 4 years ago. That out of both my birthing experiences that was the easiest. That Douglas has a little sister. It's unbelievable the kind of person he's become, & is becoming. I'm already SO proud of him.

Here's wishing Douglas a very happy 4th birthday.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

thanksgiving morning

Thursday [Thanksgiving Day] 1am.

I had made a giant pan of mac & cheese the night before. I had the oven set to heat up at 9:45. We had to leave the house at 11 to be at Mathew's mom's side of the family's Thanksgiving thing by 12. but I couldn't sleep. I laid there, checked my email, facebook. Showered, laid there, checked my email, facebook, twitter, angry birds, laid there. FINALLY fell asleep [I'd say around 3am].

At 5am Douglas came in and over to my side of the bed crying "I'm all wet!! my clothes are wet! Oh no! I gotta poop! I'm gonna poop! Oh no!" I take his pee clothes off and rush him to the toilet. Diarrhea. Nasty, super stinky, doesn't appear to have an end diarrhea. ugh. I went back to bed while pooped. He yelled for me to get him a book. I told him to just sit there & to call me when he was done. I surprisingly was still partially asleep. "I'm done!!" got him some clean underwear & shorts, and then I let him go back to sleep in our bed.

At 7am I almost fell off the bed so I switched ends, praying mathew wouldn't kick me in the face.

8:45am [ish] - Douglas- "mommy! it's wake up time! I'm hungry!" I make him stay in bed, we're sleeping in as long as we can! 

9:45am - "Come on MOM!!" ugh. I got him some food and some for Isabella while I was at it. Then checked the oven, not heated to 350 yet. I went down stairs to get Isabella who I heard waking up. Douglas ran down the stairs with me. We opened the door & the smell that hit us was disgusting. "mom! I think Isabella pooped" It was dark [basement bedroom] so I asked D to turn the lights on "NO! I'm getting out of here!" Then She started the grunt/cry wanting me to hold her, but I turned on the light because I wanted to see what I was messing with. I was horrified. 

This is how her bed looked. But her back was covered in it. head to toe. When Douglas was pooping at 5am I heard her let out a cry. nothing alarming I assumed she did it in her sleep. Now I think that's when her butt exploded. 

Mathew started the bathtub, I cleaned her up without puking. Although I guess I did a little in my mouth. I had the gagging, the watery eyes, all that! I dressed her and Douglas then headed downstairs to clean up her shiz. literally. I threw her sheet's & pillows away. She's in love with puppies and stole D's pillows my grandma made him that have dogs on them, those weren't bad so I threw them, the blanket, her clothes & the doll in the washer. 

10:45- luckily Mathew had remembered the mac & cheese & took care of it. I on the other hand only had 15 minutes to get ready. I wasn't even wearing pants, just a shirt. I threw on my "back up dress" and we made it there just in time! 

Can't wait to tell her boyfriends about the [hopefully only] time her butt exploded.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Douglas was a couple months old in that one.

if he's tired that boy can sleep anywhere.

thought I'd share some of my favorite candid sleep moments with you. enjoy. be jealous. I am. even though he even includes others in his naps sometimes.

but mostly it's when he's on his own & we haven't heard from him in a while.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

houndstooth duct tape

I bought some houndstooth duct tape that I found at michael's to add a little extra personality to my packages when I mail out orders from my shop. mathew says it's duck. i say it's duct. who's right?! Duck Tape is the name brand, duct tape is what it is. right?! google it. 

anyway, I love me some houndstooth. LOVE. even Isabella is made to feel the love. 

i wish that was my outfit. so jealous of little girls who can wear anything & whose big bellies are cute. i wish my big belly was cute. 

Saturday night, Saturday of all days. Isn't that usually how it goes, you wait & wait to get better from something, think it's getting better on Friday so you don't call your doc, then Saturday, bam! there's blood in your urine or you can't move or something crazy like that. Well mine wasn't as crazy. just this.

sad face. taped glasses. ugh. only me!

anyway, I ended up using houndstooth DUCT tape instead & now i look awesome.  the place i want to go can't get me in til the 30th. you know because besides it just happening Saturday it's also Thanksgiving week.
go ahead. laugh.

I did however find my other pair, the black ones. I got a black & a brown pair last time i updated [long long ago]. they were broken like a week after i got them. clumsy much?! the black ones broke where the leg starts. I fixed them with houndstooth because it thought that would look way better than the brown ones in the picture above & I could hide it with my hair. I needed to hide it because I had made plans to go watch Breaking Dawn with some friends. They didn't even notice.

today i broke the other leg. so now both sides match with houndstooth duct tape.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


you know... since i've been MIA. but I have a good excuse! a bad attitude. hence my last post. anyway, here's what's been happening.

Halloween happened. i even scored some clearance facepaint after Halloween [bottom right]. 

Isabella's getting ALL of her canine teeth. This chick get sick for every single freaking tooth. like diarrhea, snotty nose sick. it totally sucks.

but she's cute and she knows it.

D is in a superhero phase. [gonna be an awesome bday party!!] and a dinosaur phase. 

he's also discovered photobooth on the iPad. cracks me up every time. 

I've been catching up on orders. working on new products. 
you can find all of them here.

I love TV shows, of course i watch them all online. The CMA's The Band Perry- that dress. THAT dress. ugh. beauty. I even started watching The X-Files from the beginning and of course I've been keeping up with TWILIGHT!! you know I love it!

Mathew had his gallbladder removed on Thursday so he's recovering, he's in pain, but everything went great! while I was in the waiting room though I took this picture. it has got to be one of my favorites. i love it. this couple came in and i had to take it. they were darling.

and last but not least, I've been invited to be part of this! eek! 
see my logo at the bottom! what?! I know!!

well, see ya later! I actually have posts planned for the week! but you know how my plans go! -they don't.