Friday, July 6, 2012


If you follow me on Instagram you might remember me posting this what I guess was about 31weeks about per this screen shot. 

It's black & white, tulle, tie sash. It was ALMOST perfect.
Just wish it had pockets.

If you know me at all you probably know that I won't pay more than $20 for an outfit (top & bottom), or a dress. 

But even $20 is a stretch. If it's for a dress, that dress better have pockets & I must love it.

I think Target is on to me because most of their dresses now have pockets and are about $19.95.
Target, that awful temptress.

Anyway, this dress was from Hot Topic. My brother always has to go in there when we're at the mall. That day I saw this and loved it, until I asked the price, (you know, just in case..) $39.50... um, no.

Cut to Thursday. I took Billy with me to scour Joplin for a bathing suit. I've been wanting a one piece, but I'm 4'8 with size D chest so... basically it's impossible.

While we were at the mall we had to stop at Hot Topic for him. And it called to me. I saw "the dress" on the back wall.
On clearance.

It is now in my closet.
Just waiting for any excuse to wear it.
Like to go get groceries or something.
Also I think it needs red shoes, cute flats...
maybe if I find some for $9.99.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Have a fun & SAFE Independence day! 

if you've got little ones & will be doing sparklers, here's a tip!

genius right?! doesn't Pinterest make you feel like an idiot sometimes?! just me?

Well, I made Is a tutu & bought D shirt. I love this holiday.

 I did get a couple of good pictures of them, but for now... here's the outtakes.